Add more capability to your shop with our Advanced CNC Features and Options

We proudly offer CENTROID CNC Controls.
The combination of powerful features and user freindly setup and programming allows a CENTROID equipped CNC machine tool and the machine tool operator to produce more parts in less time. CENTROID has simplified many common CNC operations reducing the time it takes to get the work done. Time saving features like automatic tool height measurement, program stop and restart at any point to the simplicty of easy to use tool and part setup screen make it a favorite to use among experienced machine tool operators. Come on down to our show room for a personal demostration of this great control. Click here to learn more about CENTROID CNC Controls.


Reproduce parts that would be almost impossible any other way.

CENTROID's Digitizing option will automatically copy any 2D or 3D contour and will automatically create the G code program to machine the reproduction. Great for reproducing machinery Cams, Molds, Plugs, Cylinder head combustion chambers, EDM electrodes, and any free form shape.

Dual electronic handwheels for manual lathe control.

Dual Electronic Lathe Handwheels.

Now you can control two axes at the same time. Add manual like use and feel to your CNC Lathe. Now with these new electronic handwheels you can jog both axes simultaneously, great for tool and part setup. Nice smooth natural manual machine tool action.

click on image for larger view.


Conversational Part Programming Software: Intercon

Powerful programming made easy. Program parts right at the machine with Intercon. Simple fill in the blank programming. Intercon creates the Gcodes for you. Graphics, Canned cycles, Threadmilling, Drilling, Pocketing, Mirror, Repeat, Cleanout, Auto finish pass and much more. Offline version available as well.


Precision CNC Rotary Table Packages

CNC Rotary Tables Best Prices around with a big selection of sizes, different types and accessories.

  • 4th axis, program with conversational
  • 5 axis tables
  • Chucks and Tailstocks

Click here for more information on all of the CNC Rotary tables that we offer.


Automatic Tool Turret for Lathes.

Add an automatic tool changer to your CENTROID CNC equipped Lathe. This bolt on CNC tool change turret is an affordable way to increase production time on your CENTROID CNC equipped engine lathe.


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